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Managing Passwords

One of the most tedious things about social media is the endless amount of passwords that you have to remember. Added to that is the unique format that some social media accounts require - some of them have to be eight or more digits, some with a capital letter or a character, a number or all of the above. 

One solution is to download a password manager such as Last Pass which will store all your passwords for you and can be synced across multiple devices. This is a fee paying service however.

The other solution is to have a really strong password and to write it down.  If someone is going to hack into your account they will do it remotely and will do it by deciphering your password rather than searching through your belongings.

To create the password make up a sentence and pick the first letter of each word in that sentence. For example - Harry Potter should have ended up with Hermoine Granger = hpsheuwhg .
 Throw in a mixture of a number, character and capital letter in there and you have  a very strong password. You will be surprised how quickly you remember it after entering it a few times.

Profile Pictures 

After you've mastered the art of password management the next hurdle is uploading your profile pictures. In Thing 3 -Considering your Professional Brand we will cover what makes a good profile photo in terms of how professional it looks. From a technical point of view however, depending on what social media site you are using, your profile photo or banner will need to be a different size. 
Here's a cheat- sheet for the different sizes that are recommended for each social network. 

The Ideal Length for Your Content 

Next step, after you've uploaded your profile images is to start writing content. What's the correct length for your blog post, or facebook post? It's common knowledge that we are restricted to 140 characters in Twitter, but if you want people to retweet your tweets it's better to keep it to 100 characters or less, leaving room for attributions or comments. 
Blog posts titles that contain numbers also receive more clicks and shares - for example "10 Reasons Why Harry Potter Should Have Ended Up With Hermoine Granger" 
Here's an infographic from Buffer with recommended length for typical posts, videos and podcasts. 





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